GX7 color space setting

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frameman Contributing Member • Posts: 924
Re: GX7 color space setting

If you shoot in raw as you say and Adobe 1998 you have captured in a larger gamut than sRGB, it is therefore always available, it is recorded in the original file. If you shoot in sRGB you cannot then retrieve the extra gamut at a later date in post processing. When you export from Lr you can specify either sRGB or Adobe 1998 but if that gamut is not there to start with it cannot then reproduce it but an Adobe 1998 file can be adjusted to sRGB with no visual loss of quality. The average screen/system uses sRGB normally and it's not bad to export as sRGB to a normal system and Adobe RGB @ 300dpi for print. Most print services will decare which profile they want at the point of ordering. So my advice is to select Adobe 1998 in camera, it can then be easily adjusted at any time.

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