X-E1 how bad is the focus system?

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Re: X-E1 how bad is the focus system?

Itamath wrote:

Hi all,

Sold my DSLR and looking for a compact mirrorless camera. I really like the colors and the image quality of Fuji X cameras and I can get the X-E1 at a good price. I read that there is a slow focus and I wonder how bad is it? I want to buy a 27mm f2.8 or 35mm 1.4 I might use zoom kit lens from time to time. thanks, Yuval

AF is very poor compared to m43 system; but one must question if you need AF.

In daylight outside AF is fine for most things, for moving kids not so much, for indoors in low light even less so. But it can be done and you will get used to it. For a lot of people the results outweigh the drawbacks, likewise the size outweighs the benefits of a DSLR which is infinitely better in all areas.

I have the X-E2 it's a dog for focusing but still better than m43 / noise or DSLR / bulk for me.

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