It took everything in my power to not get rid of my XT-1!

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You bought a used lens full of dust. Demo, opened, used...'new'.

MrPhotoBob wrote:

I love shooting with my XE-1 and my XT-1, and when Fuji came out with their sale I jumped all over it. I purchased a 55-200mm lens, 14mm lens, and the 27 mm lens is on order and paid for. I purchased the 14 mm lens on the 5th of April and just got a chance to use it yesterday. After returning home from shooting yesterday, I looked at my images and I thought that some of my images had the measles. There were spots all over my images and I thought that the spots were on my sensor, but after examining other images that were shot with my 18-55 mm lens it turned out to be that the new 14 mm lens was the culprit all along. The 14 mm lens had never been used but had dust all over the inside of the lens as well as a large oil spot the size of a pin head on the inside of the lenses rear glass. I am very reluctant to purchase any more equipment from Fuji and just go back to my tried and true Olympus EM-1. Has anyone else had any trouble with quality control problems from Fuji other than the light leak?

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