Birds in Flight, A6000, Wetlands...AF-C (55-210, DH1758)

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dquangt wrote:

there's been some negative posts around here lately about the a6000's continuous af, but either they are trolls or its user error. your shots prove that. great work.

There probably are a few trolls trying to badmouth the camera - they're in every forum, badmouthing every camera...but I'd say probably most of them are user error or lack of experience.  Unless you've tried shooting moving subjects regularly, you probably don't realize how much skill and experience are really required to get it down-pat.  BIF shooters, sports shooters, etc have been at it for years, shooting these subjects every week, hundreds of frames a day...only through that experience can you really rely on the results - as you can be confident that the camera's actual abilities will be borne out and that user error, poor settings, or lack of panning/tracking skill are not going to be contributing to the shots.

Most long-time BIF shooters I know can pick up a P&S pocket camera and shoot a bird in flight - whereas most newbies who have never done it before would struggle to get good shots from a full-frame pro-body DSLR.  Skill and experience outweigh everything else.  Once you have the skill, then it comes down to how much the camera helps make the job easier.  DSLRs have been the best at that for many years, and mirrorless were generally less so, but better than P&S cameras as they added PDAF.  The new class of '14, including the A6000, with the much faster and improved PDAF on sensor, are now in my opinion matching the entry-level DSLR class in AF-C tracking ability.

Many thanks for the comments and for looking in!

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