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Re: Both have their uses.

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I have had several occasions where I found a "picture" I wanted in an HD video (my son touching home plate to win a baseball game is an example) along with the HD video, but I would rather have the 12 FPS RAW files in many situations too.

But when you film, you usually don't use fast shutter speeds, because the film does not look as smooth. Which means that most frames are not sharp. Of course you might be able a good frame here and there, but nothing to rely on for stills. I looked in to this when the first HD video able DSLRs came on the market to see if this was useful for press- or sports photography, but came to the conclusion that it was only marginal.

I don't know about others but i use fast SS all the time, and i use 60p so it does look smooth as silk.

"The higher the frame rate, the sharper any motion will appear during playback. However, sharper does not necessarily mean more natural looking. Humans see things that are in motion in a slightly blurry manner

In order to capture what we perceive to be natural looking motion, there is a correct shutter speed for each specific frame rate. The rule is:

-The shutter speed should be double the frame rate.

- The higher the shutter speed, the less motion blur will be visible in moving subjects (making video appear choppy).

Video is easier to watch and is more smooth and natural when the right amount of motion blur in moving subjects is presented."

Now if i can get shots that are usable for web viewing from a measly 28mps 1080p, imagine a GH4 shooting 8mp frames at 100+mbs.

I imagine thousands and thousands of images of less quality to look through.

Are they good enough to print poster size? Nope, but if i was after that i would own an A7r, or even medium format. In fact i don't recall too many DPR users claiming they print most of their work to massive sizes.

From a measly GX7 video. This was ISO 3200 and slow SS indoors, i think video is valid for many uses in capturing frames.

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Surely it is good enough for many uses, but do you really want to do still photography by filming?

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