An excursion with the 50mm 1.7

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Flat view
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An excursion with the 50mm 1.7

I don´t use this lens a lot, I fear it´s CA.

Sharp but the background is a bit ugly.

Vada church was built in the 12th or 13th century.

This is from the Vallby ridge. It is full of erected stones that date back to the iron age.

This cattle path might date back to the same time.

Where´s the fox?

A thousand years ago the vikings were able to travel on water from the sea all the way to Uppsala on this little river.

A hot day, almost like summer.

Overlooking the river is this hillfort. It´s the biggest hill fort in Upplands county. They worked hard in the third century, it´s an enormous amount of rocks that have piled up on top of the hill.

Broborg is the name of the hill fort. At the time it was used the water reached the foot of the hill.

I accidendtly bumped the iso to 1600. Not the way to go, especially if you underexpose as well.

Flat view
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