Is Amazon Smart Guard Camera Protection worth it for an OMD-EM1?

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Re: Is Amazon Smart Guard Camera Protection worth it for an OMD-EM1?

offtheback wrote:

PC Wheeler wrote:

offtheback wrote:

Just insured my equipment--all risk-$1.15/$100.Theft,drop,loss.if it malfunctions you can always dent the corner a little I guess but that would be wrong.

With Amazon?

As a rider to my homeowners.

I realise this is an old thread, but in case others come upon it when searching for opinions regarding extended warranties / accidental damage coverage.  Be aware that placing a claim under a homeowner policy will count as a claim on your homeowner policy.  With many companies if you have three or more claims (of any type) on the policy within a five year window the company may subsequently dump you as a client AND finding another insurance company to cover you may be next to impossible without paying MUCH higher premiums for your policy.

We went through this hassle a few years ago - we had a claim for a antenna taken down by a wind storm, then we had a home fire, then (while the insurance company had us in hotel while home repairs were ongoing) the home was broken into and various electronics were stolen.

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