SL1 vs EOS M for my daughter

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Re: SL1 vs EOS M for my daughter

guinness2 wrote:

totleytom wrote:

I have a 100D (SL1) and specifically chose it over an M. For me, the absence of any kind of viewfinder at all ruled out the M completely - I simply cannot take a decent picture with the camera held out at arms-length so I can see the rear screen. The fact that I have to wear glasses for close vision, and therefore don't normally wear them when I have my camera in my hand (because I'm looking through the VF at distance objects) just compounded things.

Exactly me :-))))

I have the M and the SL1. The M is a nice camera, but I find it useful only indoors with a flash on it. I will never again buy a camera w/o an OVF or EVF. Your daughter may think she doesn't "need" an OVF but she would learn to love it. Between the two cameras, the SL1 would seem to be a better choice. She might also want to consider the T5i, slightly larger but the articulated screen would be nice and it would be more comfortable with larger lenses, I'd think.

Congratulations on encouraging your daughter's interest in a hobby she can enjoy the rest of her life!


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