NX300 Battery Drain when off?

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Re: Really take the battery out ?

Mr.NoFlash wrote:

The big question is: Is there a camera-internal Mini-battery to support the clock and perhaps settings ?

If there is a camera-internal Mini-battery, then it is not great to take the battery out for a long time, because then the camera-internal Mini-battery gets flattened, and this is not good for the camera-internal Mini-battery.

If there is no camera-internal Mini-battery, then you can indeed simply take out the 1130 battery.

I have a tendency to think there is no camera-internal Mini-battery in the Nx300, instead a capacitor, which would not be hurt.

But I like to know it for sure.

On my old Panasonic cameras, there was the camera-internal Mini-battery problem-

NX10-11 had a capacitor. One of mine has died and loses all its clock settings when the battery is out. The other is working fine after years on the job.

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