SL1 vs EOS M for my daughter

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I have both the SL1 and the EOSM.

GadgetNeil wrote:

I wonder what views there are on this:

I have a Canon 60D and several lenses (ultrawide angle, macro, zoom telephoto, lensbaby), and I do photography purely as a hobby. My daughter just graduated from university, and when asked if there was something she would like as a graduation present, she said "an SLR camera". She has a point and shoot, but has played with my camera, and would like the creative options of an SLR, probably when she is traveling, or for general use.

She is petite, with small hands, so I was thinking that the SL1 would be great for her, and if she had a Canon dSLR, we can share lenses. But then she asked about mirrorless cameras, and I gather the EOS M has a similar APS-C sensor, so would give her similar picture quality, and the controls of an SLR. Any thoughts on the benefits of the SL1 vs the EOS M? Or for that matter, it looks like the T5i is similar in cost to the SL1, so is it a better option?

IQ wise I have to give a very slight edge to the SL1 based on my experience using them for artifact documentation and copy work at my museum job using the same lenses on both with a tripod and copystand.

Though I really like the EOSM and still use it as my "pocket" travel camera with the 22mm, I think the SL1 is a more complete photographic tool. BTW, swapping EF lenses to the EOSM would require the lens adapter.

I haven't tried the T5I so I have no opinion about its IQ but I wouldn't mind having the tilt screen.

I just noticed that the SL1 body is $449 at a local shop using a $150 Canon instant rebate until May 24.

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