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Re: Thanks Mike

michaeladawson wrote:

OK, I opened up your raw file using both CNX2 and with Photoshop CC. I did not really see any posterization with either editor when first opened.

In Photoshop I played around just a little bit with large exposure changes and you can force posterization of those dark green shadow areas. But that required me to do large histogram moves. I have uploaded both of the jpg files to my Dropbox area.

Here is the CNX2 version. Opened in CNX2 with zero adjustments. Then moved to Adobe Photoshop where it was converted to sRGB, 8 bits, and saved as a quality 12 jpg.

Here is the Photoshop CC version. Opened in ACR using the Camera Neutral profile. Neutral (linear) tone curve, no sharpening or noise reduction. Inside PS converted to sRGB, 8 bits, saved as quality 12 jpg.

I will look at those once I get home. I just opened NEF on my work computer and I see gradient looks rather smooth.

So this is only the monitor I should be singling out for now?

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