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According to look and see!

Canon EOS 1D X, NIKON D4S, GH4.

Attention the start-up time with the GH4 is ALWAYS in LIVE-View!

The GH4 WINS in all the autofocus-times.


...the amount of incompetent AF/Action shooting tests that are surfacing on review sites, that never had a professional sports/action shooter in the staff, now that another batch of cameras that claims to have "the fastest AF in the world" is out on the market.

My guess - in the world cup in soccer this summer, we still will see the traditional pro cameras on the sidelines.

I only see figures and not a statement!

Isn't "THE "BEST" SPORT AND ACTION camera" camera a statement? And a rather bold one?

You are so smart? But figures stay figures! Look up and see that this NOT a statement but the naked truth!

I am not so sure it is so smart to draw the conclusion that the figures means that a Panasonic GH4 is "the best sports and action camera".

Do you think they are proof that you could shot an fast paced low light indoor sports games, with unpredictable player movement, with shallow DOF with better results in IQ, impact and keeper rate than a Canon 1DX/Nikon D4S with professional lenses? Would the GH4 produce more publishing-worthy shots than the professional workhorses from Canon/Nikon?

While I don't think the GH4 or other mirrorless will be replacing FF pro cameras for things like the world cup (not yet anyway), I do think in terms of mirrorless cameras and autofocus, they ARE just about there.

Note...not saying for IQ, just for AF....though IQ is pretty good from all of them too.

A LOT of people are selling mirrorless cameras (not just M/43) AF short.

Even my GX7 and FF A7 which can both be said to not be the best cameras for AF are actually pretty good and can track well too.

They both can do 5fps which is fairly pedestrian these days but AF is fine (even in low light for me).

Then, there are cameras like the Fuji X-T1, Sony A6000 and the GH4......all seem to have very good AF and including tracking.

From what I have seen and from the first reviews, the AF does seem to work as hyped.

Some people have some issues with the A6000 but most find it great....some reviewers find it tracks well even at 11fps (though may not have fully tested it with fast lenses in the most "testing" circumstances. It seems there are some people who almost want the Sony to fail....I think that it may end up being very effective with some lenses and maybe a bit less so in the most trying of circumstances ...but at the price may well be the best bang for buck as far as a lower level camera and AF goes.

The Fuji maybe somewhere in the middle....a higher level camera than the A6000 and with great AF but not quite up to the Sony but maybe a touch more accurate with fast lenses.

The GH4 while a bit slower in terms of FPS AF with tracking, will work in lower level light....AF accuracy seems ok. (and 40fps burst at full size with focus and exposure locked could be very handy....GX7 can do it but only at small size ...ok for web or small prints).

There are plenty of users of FF and high level APSC DSLRs who have come to these new mirrorless cameras who claim as far as focus, that the new cameras are at least as good.

The GH4 will sell to a LOT of pro photographers as well as videographers and an increasing number who will do both.

The A6000 will sell to lots of parents of fast running kids and others who want a cheap camera with decent focus (and many will have DSLRs).

The world has changed a LOT in the last year or so but especially in the last few months.

What about 4Kvideo and 8 megapixels prints from that! and 30 pictures in a second.Which camera can do that!

For sure the GH4 can, so what is in 2014 a action or sport camera?

Video is video, another game (Professional still photographers won't be allowed to shot video in big games/competitions that sells video rights to broadcast companies).

Being able to shot at 30 fps instead of 10-12 fps brings very little to the table to the sports photographers. There has been very few interesting sports images from for instance the Casio high speed cameras (60-100 fps). You only got thousands of more boring shots to select from.

The challenge is to to frame the shot, to get interesting angles, light etc - not to "film" the event. There is no problem catching the moment with skill, anticipation, super fast shutter response and 10-12 fps. The AF-C on Nikon/Canon pro cameras is already so fast that you can virtually shot anything in the way of sports.


Use that when you can use it and when it is not possible to use, use than the faster auto-focus times on the GH4.


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