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Re: Posterization

If I look at the small photo in the actual post, it is barely there, almost impossible to see. I doubt I would notice unless you told me.
If I click on the photo and look at it full screen in the DPR viewer, it is more or less the same, just barely there.
If I click on 1:1 100% in the DPR viewer, it's still the same, barely there.
If I click to view the original, where DPR will open the file in a new tab, as opposed to show it in its viewer, then look at it full screen, it is much more obvious.
If then I enlarge to look at the 100% size photo in the new tab, it is even more obvious.

Obviously the DPR viewer does something that makes this less obvious. I've seen and posted before about how the DPR viewer changed photos in some ways, generally for the worse. In this case I doubt the new tab photo is worse, causing the issue. I am guessing that whatever the DPR viewer does to change photos for the wosre in this case also happens to remove some of this issue.

I also downloaded the NEF and there is no issue there at all.

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