Some examples that show why a wide gamut monitor matters:

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Re: Wide gamut no practical use

Pictus wrote:

wootpile wrote:

One reason why popularity of wg monitors is very very low is because 99% of image usage, as in printing photos for home us, photo enlargements, professional offset printing, or tv... none of them can show wide gamut.. so your image ends up looking not like you see it on your personal wg monitor

The gamut has getting bigger as time goes by... Today the dye-sublimation, photographic inkjets do have a gamut bigger than sRGB in some parts...

I hope you left out the word AND between dye-sub and inkjets, otherwise you have just revealed a serious gap in your knowledge...
You implication is also, by saying THE dye-sublimation, is that all dye-sub printers can print wide gamut. Mine (as far as I'm aware) cannot.

Your sentence should read "Today some dye-sublimation and (some) photographic inkjets do have a gamut bigger than sRGB in some parts..." - but only in some parts...

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