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Re: I don't know if the MF has the lens to get the equivalent shot or not.

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With the new curved Sony sensor, does anyone know if it will affect DOF?

No it shouldn't do. But a curved sensor will need lenses designed to give a curved field at the focal plane and of course most of today's lenses have been designed to give a flat field (or as close to it as the manufacturer can achieve).

So if this curved sensor idea is to take off for interchangeable lens cameras there will have to be an agreement on standardisation of the curvature.

Or sensors which can have their curvatures altered in camera.

Whoopee! Another endless series of threads for some of us to argue over:

  • Which lenses best match the curvature of my xyz sensor?
  • What is the best method of adjusting MCA (Micro Curvature Adjustment)?
  • Will Canon / Nikon / Sigma adjust my 50/1.8 purchased in 1992 to match the new curved sensors?
  • I think my sensor is curved the wrong way. All my edges are fuzzy at f1.2!
  • How many sensor bending actuations can I get from my sensor before it gets sensor fatigue and snaps?
  • etc.

Agree, Sony cannot survive another 'mount' or FC (full curved) mount...they would lose any shred of loyalty they have left. Most likely it is for a RX1 successor where they come up with faster, sharper, smaller full-frame compacts.

The other possibility is that some FE or E mount lenses are already geared for field curvature and are not well corrected for flat field to start with. Who knows as some of the Sony lenses are pretty horrid when it comes to borders/corners.

Since there are some FE lenses like the 55mm 1.8 which is just tack sharp everywhere, again its not likely.

Totally agreed. To me Sony R&D Optical Engineer's are really odd ba**s people. They simply put logical and rational optical design in to toilet.

If Sony oddly designed "Curve Sensor" or FE(FC?) lenses could do the tricks, all other camera makers like Hasselblad, Leica, Canon and Nikon should have done it long ago.

Not necessarily.  Someone with sensor production experience would have to produce curved sensors first and most camera manufacturers, excluding Canon and Sony, don't have that expertise.

But that also has to be coupled with lens design capability to enable the curved sensor to work.

I know it's good that at least they tried hard (at the expense of their customers hard earn money?), but like what I always said, there's no miracle in optical system for the past 30 years.

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