Legal question Pictures from a Quadcopter

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Re: Legal question Pictures from a Quadcopter

estero wrote:

Is there legal issues with airspace, height, private lands , etc..

Yes; drone use is either unofficially discouraged on or officially prohibited in most places.

It's not legal to use drone aircraft for commercial purposes in the United States and many other countries. Using a drone to shoot photos or video for pay or for sale will result in fines or worse.

Drone use near an airport or near officially declared "sensitive" areas (e.g. anywhere in Washington DC) will result in prosecution.

It's highly likely that anyone caught using a drone for any purpose--even within the letter of the law--will be added to a terrorism watch list any may have trouble flying or crossing borders.

Unless you like living dangerously and don't mind the risk of detention without trial, drone use is just not a good idea.

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