Some examples that show why a wide gamut monitor matters:

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Re: I want higher web resolution more than gamut

CAcreeks wrote:

bronxbombers4 wrote:

And this is exactly what this post was meant to counter, the nonsense about how extended gamuts are useless nonsense thought up by marketers to sucker people or something.

I enjoyed your post, don't get me wrong!

At this time I am primarily bothered by the lack of resolution for photos on websites and videos on YouTube. My cameras take at least 8 Mp photos, but I can never post them that way.

Secondarily I am bothered by highlight clipping especially in videos.

Extended gamut is way down the list.

Actually I've just been noticing that the way Flickr works now, if you set Firefox the right way, and the photographer has original res unlocked, you can actually scroll through the galleries in full 8MP glory on screen! Man it's awesome. Many have it locked down, but man once you start digging you find some pretty good shooters who have 4k+ images unlocked for viewing. Good stuff!

Honestly looking at 1920x1080 now or little postage stamp images 2x scaled up on web now looks so blurry and bleary it's like I keep rubbing my eyes. Between books, magazines, retina iPad and my UHD monitor all giving that crisp look I think I've become used to everything looking realistically crisp again and the old res stuff is just all bleary to me and very computery looking now again.

It is true that UHD makes just about anything look way better while wide gamut makes only a few things look way better.

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