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Re: 645Z First contact. A French article

Michael Piziak wrote:

Thanks so much for the translation

FYI, since I knew Google could do translations, but that page didn't appear to have a direct Google link, I just tried what I always try with a file when I need to do something more with it than appears possible: I right-clicked on the page. And one of the options on the list when I right-clicked was "Translate to English." I scrolled down to that and the first page translated, although it was a bit of a "messy" translation in that some of the adjectives appeared to be off (but close enough that I could generally understand what was meant, and MOST of it was clear). When I clicked to the second page, IT was still in French, but before I could finish right-clicking and scrolling down to translate that page, as well, it had auto-translated for me, too.

So next time you (or I, or anyone) encounter an article like that in a language we don't read, I'd suggest right-clicking on it to see if there's a translate option.

As for the review, with a few differences, such as the articulated screen, the CMOS sensor, and obviously the LARGER sensor with 50MP vs. 24MP it appeared to me that the 645Z is VERY MUCH a MF version of the K-3 (or at least of the new technology on the K-3), such as the 27-point AF, vs. 11-point and the 86,000 point metering, vs. 77-point. Makes sense to use that same improved technology on the new 645 IF it's better than what the old one had, which it appears it is (from reading the article, I gather the old one had roughly the same specs as the K-5).

Also, even though they "fussed" a bit over a few things, such as a lack of TRUE "4K" video capability and the lack of a headphone jack (seems Ricoh just doesn't LIKE THOSE, since they also left one off the K-3, which also got negative review comments), they said the PERFORMANCE and quality is easily on par with Hasselblad and Phase1, both of which are in the $25,000 price range vs. the $8,500 price range for the 645Z. So if one considers the few minor "issues" the reviewers had with this camera, UNLESS one or more of those issues happens to be something of MAJOR IMPORTANCE to a particular photographer, the PRICE DIFFERENCE way more than makes up for little things like a missing headphone jack or no "true" 4K video shooting. And when they were moaning about the lack of UHSII/III compatibility, they didn't say anything about UHS I, which I'm assuming, like the K-3, it DOES have (the dual card slots looked almost identical -- even down to it accepting the dedicated FluCard in Slot No. 2). So far, the ONLY DSLR yet released that I'm aware of that's UHS II compatible is the new Fujifilm X-T1, so again, that's not THAT much of a major issue, I don't think, considering that even UHS-1 can hit speeds of up to about 100 MBPS. And since this MF camera maxes out at 3 FPS, that shouldn't be a major issue, I wouldn't think, unless it has virtually NO buffer.

I'm not in that market, so I may never know. But for what it is, and for that money, it looks pretty decent to me.


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