Birds in Flight, A6000, Wetlands...AF-C (55-210, DH1758)

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Re: Al,

zackiedawg wrote:

I noticed the question you asked on your own thread - and I had just been posting this one, so I figured you'd find it as part of your question about shooting BIF!

Settings-wise, I was using two different memory recall setting banks to shoot yesterday - one for still birds, and one for in-flight birds. Being able to quickly switch which MR bank I was in was much easier than having to change over all the various individual settings.

For still birds, I had MR1 set up as follows: AF-S, Flex spot focus - small, center-weighted metering, steady shot on, drive mode - continuous lo, auto Wb, auto ISO set to 100-3200, lock-on AF off, creative mode: Vivid, with contrast 0, saturation -1, sharpness 0, and DRO set to Auto. My only changes as I shot were to adjust EV as needed.

For BIFs, I had MR2 set up as follows: AF-C, wide focus area, center-weighted metering, steady shot off, drive mode - continuous med (6fps), auto WB, auto ISO set to 100-1600, lock on AF off, all other settings the same as above.

I also had MR3 set up almost identically to MR2, but with lock-on AF set to shutter...just so I could experiment between those two modes. I found I prefer to use lock-on AF with zone focus mode, set to center zone...with moving subjects against sky, wide + AF-C and no lock on seemed to work best.

My big mistake was having the memory banks all set up in P mode - in the future, I'll be using S priority on the BIF setting, so I can keep the shutter above 1/1000.

Many thanks for looking in, and happy to answer any questions I can!

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Hi Justin,

thanks for the great review and the photos. I tried to copy your stings into the memory banks, however, MR1 is set at A and MR2 and 3 are set in P. Have not been able to find a way to fill the memory banks and change the settings. Is there a Trick?

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