Decided To Upgrade... To The V2

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Re: Decided To Upgrade... To The V2

It's hard to quantify, but the V2 seems to handle much more naturally for someone who comes from DSLR land. Nikon made a number of somewhat inexplicable ergonomic decisions with the V1 that they corrected on the V2. Amongst these:

The mode dial including PASM is nice, but even more importantly, the dial has been moved to where it won't be frequently and easily be knocked off of it's setting, which was a significant issue with the V1.

The V2 Grip is VERY ergonomic if you use the camera with any sort of large or heavy lens such as the regular Nikkors with the FT1.

In Single shot mode, the V1 ALWAYS makes the shooter review the picture that was just taken, which delays the shooter from taking the next one. It's shocking that this cannot be disabled on the V1, it can easily be disabled on the V2. This is actually a VERY maddening issue with the V1, considering how easy it would have been to disable this in firmware.

The V2 function key quickly allows you to access the ISO, AF-mode, WB mode, Metering Mode, and Picture control settings without having to deep dive into the menus.

As far as IQ, just like the V3, the V2 represents a bit of a resolution increase relative to the V1, but no increase in real sensitivity at higher ISOs. The V3 is yet again an increase resolution, whereas the V2 is about half way between the two.

My take is that the underlying capability of the V2 is very little changed from the V1, but the handling improvement is dramatic. Suffice it to say that I had to adapt my shooting style to accommodate the V1's idiosyncrasies, but I don't need to do this with the V2 - I can shoot the way I have always been comfortable shooting.

The V2 is also noticeably lighter than the V1 - but some of that comes from having a smaller/lighter battery that also has lower capacity.

Absolutely! The ergonomics are worth the upgrade. I've had both and just love the way the V2 feels in my hands and how easily I can access all functions with the Fn button. I just picked up a J1 recently and it is heavier than the V2. Feels good with the larger lenses (via FT-1) also.

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