Leica T is out, but for who?

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Re: Leica T is out, but for who?

after reading this entire thread I am coming away with a couple two three thoughts I would like to share.

What ever Leica makes and for what ever reason I hope it sells because the sales of these non M cameras if reasonably successful will keep the M cameras and lenses afloat for yet another few years.

if the camera is as good as Steve Huff says then it will be a winner if is as bad as the doom and gloom sayers say it will  be a colossal failure. I am guessing Leica put a lot of thought into what they needed to make to sell enough of these at a reasonable profit to keep them afloat a few more years but only time will till.

Leica cannot compete head to head with major brand names in the mirror less market they just do not have the market share nor the production capabilities to do so. So they opted to go for what I think the feel is the best image quality in the aps -c mirror less market and keep the camera very simple and very different from the other cameras in this area. They are hoping their quality both in physical construction and optical design will win enough customers to the camera to make same profit. If its not at the top of the image quality with the two released lenses then it will be a tough sell.

before I make any judgments I really want to hear more about these lenses and the image quality the camera and lenses are capable of before I make any decisions about whether I like it or not.

The bells and whistles that the camera does not have are of little or no importance to me but they may be to others. On this point there is not a lot to argue.

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