why does the E-M1's video get dissed?

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Re: why does the E-M1's video get dissed?

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Need some help from you video mavens.

I gather that the consensus is that Panasonic's recent bodies do video "better" than Olympus's. To put it more the way that interests me, I gather that the view of the cognoscenti is that the E-M1's video is not one of the otherwise excellent camera's strong points.

Why not?

What doesn't the E-M1 do that some recent Panasonic camera can do? And who does this matter to?



I think the main drawback with the most effect is the frame rates. Although the codec is noticeable in some situations the frame rate can stop you doing things almost completely. No smooth slow mo, no indoor shooting in a lot of the world, no worldwide standard "filmic" framerate.

The other big issue is that Olympus doesn't provide a good flat profile to maximize dynamic range and allow for color grading in post. The contrast is just set too high.

Until the GH4 (whose profiles I haven't actually seen) Panasonic didn't either with their m43 cameras, so that's hardly a fair point.

Most video shooting DSLRs don't have very flat profiles. It's not something that's worse about the EM5 so much as it is that's something better about the GH4.

The GH4 is a big improvement in that regard but even the GH2 and GH3 were well ahead of the OMD cameras.

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