Some examples that show why a wide gamut monitor matters:

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of course

it is true that you can certainly fit many images into sRGB or nearly so just fine and that you can make many other still look nice. So it's not like you have to have it or every image you look at look horrible and nothing can be accomplished of course, not by any means.

But all the same, it certainly can be a nice thing to have and contrary to how some go on it's neither made up marketing nonsense, nor of no practical use to most people.

If you do a lot of flowers and fall foliage or people/cars in bright clothing/paint jobs it can be quite nice to have and it can definitely help for sunset/sunrise stuff a decent amount at times too, in most particular.

And it doesn't hurt shots taken during golden hour sunlight for a great many subjects. And same if you takes pics of gems and emeralds and such or tropical waters or are a real stickler to really see intense greens in a lush, wet forest under subdued lighting.

It probably could be of practical use to most people, unless you really do stay away from fall foliage, flowers, sunsets, intense colors. But again it's obviously not required or anything, people have gotten by with sRGB for years.

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