Canon vs Sony - crystal ball gazing

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Canon vs Sony - crystal ball gazing

yesterday at a trade fair i got to handle the Alpha 7 for the first time. Slow response to start (I'm sure sony are fixing this for the next one) The manual focus is a dream!, (which i'm surprised Canon doesn't do with it's twin pixel focus, EVERYWHERE should be able to indicate focus, which makes manual focus faster, as you don't have to choose what to autofocus on or move the camera). Huge number of lenses available due to adaptors. Openings for lens manufacturers, to make more, was looking at a 35mm f.95 and a 50mm f9.5 by a new Chinese manufacturer. Way less lens compromise needed for this layout compared to SLR.


We know sony is working on a medium format camera to go with their 50mpx sensor. What if it's a bigger version of the Alpha 7 (say alpha 5 or 10)? what is they allowed you to mount lenses that were already being made for other camera bodies? what if they employ autofocus as good as the 7? why if the sensor does the focusing rather then the lens? (as did the Contax all those years ago) What if they released it with a set of Carl Zeiss lenses in say. 150mm, 80mm and 50mm. Suddenly (depending on price) you have a Canon Nikon killer for many people. Now with volume, price can be reduced.

Technology that I'm waiting for.

20 stops dynamic range. (for crying out loud, how hard is this)

Canon and others  to seriously allow software programmers to improve their cameras. if sony allows this they will kill the market. We know that Canon can shoot at 100 and 1600 iso at the same time and combine the images... why doesn't it? we know that Magic lantern does amazing things why is Canon so bloody minded?

full screen focus indication, so i can manually focus again.

smaller lighter better for medium format... (please Sony)



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Sony Alpha a7
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