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Re: Likely so.

Great Bustard wrote:

Silverback1988 wrote:

Ian Stuart Forsyth wrote:

From memory the fastest is F2.8

In FF, that would be F/2.2 ? I rarely use f/2 or f/1.4 with FF

I think, but am not sure, that there's an 80 / 2 for MF. Used on the 645Z, that would be equivalent to a 62 / 1.5 on FF.

The nearest comparison would be 50mm. Not exactly the same of course.

25mm F4 , 55mm F2.8 ( that is very nice) , 90mm F2.8 , 75 F2.8 , 200 F4, 150 F2.8 ,45mm F2.8, 120mm F4, 55-110mm F5.6, 35mm F3.5 300mm F5.6, 80-160mm F4.5 ,25mm F4, 300mm F4, 33-55 F4.5

these I know are in production

I don't think there is anything faster other than used, so FF should give you more as far a selection goes for fast shallow DOF

Thanks a lot for the info

The 150 / 2.8 on the 645Z would be equivalent to a 115 / 2.2, which would be a pretty good lens shallow DOF portraits.

It seems the MF will still serve you nicely Joe 

You love shallow DOF.



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