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Great Bustard wrote:

Say, do you happen to have her email? There's a question I need to ask her...

Of course, or the better ... her phone number

voice over text, that would like 10 fps vs 3 fps 

The other extremely important variable that people rarely mention are:

  • Display Size
  • Viewing Distance
  • Visual Acuity

Yes, you are right.

These three variables go a long way to answering the question, "How much resolution is enough?"

I think we are just greedy 

Seriously, I want my photo has 300 ppi, so I could watch it closer if I want to, about 25-30 cm viewing distance.

My 5DII could give me 45 x 30 cm, which is fine.

But often I print larger than that, and ... here we are ... searching new tool

Let's say we had an infinitely sharp lens. Then it would resolve the same detail at the same DOF on any format that had the same number of pixels and AA filter.

However, if we are using lenses with the around the same sharpness on different formats,

I am afraid that was the case. The lenses about the same sharpness ...

then the larger formats will almost invariably resolve more detail due to the enlargement factor, although, at times, the greater pixel count of a smaller sensor over the larger sensor (e.g. 24 MP APS-C over 12 MP FF) can narrow, or reverse, the gap.


By the way, these two places in the frame from DPR's comparison tool:

give, in my opinion, a good visual reference for the max differences in detail you may find as a function of format and pixel count.

The 6D and 70D have almost the same pixel count, so you can see the effect of the enlargement factor at work. The Nikon Df has a lower pixel count on a larger format, so you can see how the enlargement factor and pixel count relate compared to a smaller format.

Also, if you switch one of the cameras between the D800 and D800E, you can see the resolution advantage of more pixels on a larger format, as well as the effect the AA filter can have.

Of course, the DPR studio scene shows the differences in resolution under idea conditions. In peoples' everyday shooting, one might expect to see much smaller differences.

Thanks, Joe.



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