Decided To Upgrade... To The V2

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Re: Decided To Upgrade... To The V2

tomhongkong wrote:

I have been trying to decide on this as well, but rerally am not sure of the advantages of V2.

Ergonomics/workflow.  You have PASM on the dial. That to me is huge.

Many reviews said that the V2 IQ is not improved (may even be a bit worse)

Unless you flip between modes a lot the PASM dial does not buy very much (I have my V1 dial taped up, which looks a bit cludgy but has solved that problem).

Then there is the fact that I have several V1 batteries which would be useless

I have an SB N5 flash for V1, so even though it is convenient to have the in built V2 flash it does not really pay its way in terms of the extra bulk

GAS pushes me towards the V2, but common sense says I am better off staying with V1

Convince me, someone!

I think if you don't care for the V2 ergonomics and UI enhancements, then yeah, keep the V1.  To me a V2 would be worth for the ergonomics alone though I like cameras I can pocket (hence the V3).


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