For highest quality stills, which camera should I buy?

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Re: For highest quality stills, which camera should I buy?

Ann Chaikin wrote:

I have a GH3 that I like very much. My backup is a G5 that I like but not as much. It gets clogged when I do repeated fast shots which I do regularly. It is good but not as good in image quality as the GH3. I am considering changing out my G5 and making my GH3 my back up. The GH4 is interesting but truthfully I rarely take video and it seems to me that it is weighted toward video. All of my lenses are Panasonic and I have quite a few. I'm thinking of a EM-1 but am wondering if it can handle the Panasonic lenses as well as a Panasonic would. Or perhaps a second GH3? Or what? Suggestions please.


Even though you have all Panasonic lenses, some of those lenses have no IS in the lens.  But with the Olympus E-M1 or E-M5 you have the class-leading 5-axis IS.  Do not brush that attribute aside.  It can make a big difference.  I own both Pany and Oly cameras and their respective lenses.  I can cover it all m43-wise with this setup.  You won't be disappointed.


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