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Re: X-T1 Enhancements?


"• better range on wifi and camera remote app. Currently I can barely get the camera/app to function farther than 10m outdoors."

I work in live audio and recording, regularly with wireless microphones.

With equipment purpose-built for a long wireless range, you can in good conditions go over 100 meters.

Getting 10 meters range in a camera is actually quite good.

For getting the camera to take a picture without me touching/shaking the camera, this range is more than I need.

Transmit power could go up, but battery life down.

Two external camera antennas could give diversity reception, but this would not be useful for me.

At some point, the range could be far enough to interfere with a wireless system used by somebody else, or receive interference from somebody else.

There are wired and wireless range-boosting options you may want to look into.

Thanks and good health,  Weogo

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