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Re: I'm just wondering...

Slideshow Bob wrote:

…how moire and aliasing is possible on the D800E.

Are moire patten and Spatial aliasing are the same thing? Any cameras have moire, more or less. D800E with AA filter removed, supposedly subject to more moire.

If no lens resolves more than 29mp, then moire and aliasing should be practically impossible on a 36mp sensor, shouldn't it, since the lens is effectively acting as a rather strong AA filter?

I am not an expert in this topic but I don't know amount of pixels have much to do with moire and aliasing.  With imperfect lens, you get higher diminishing return when amount of pixels increase as lens' optical glass is not good enough to resolve all pixels that human eyes can see, as the two articles I linked below, a large part of those pixels are below MTF 20 that human eyes virtually unable to resolve. Moire/aliasing are different things from MTF resolution.

I've seen lenses like the Nikon 85mm f/1.4G produce both aliasing and moire, so that's why I'm puzzled.

On D800E? Maybe Nikon doesn't implement moire removal in D800E so you'd have to remove in software. In comparison Sony A7R does in this area very well. So far except one or two photos among thousand photos I have not seen any moire in A7R photos, as also said in DPR A7R's review. As a matter of fact, AA-filter-less A7R subjects less moire than AA-filter-equipped 5D3 as observed by Fred Miranda.

As I said I don't know moire/aliasing topic well but I have not read they have much related to the amount of pixels.


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