Some examples that show why a wide gamut monitor matters:

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just trying to counter all off the posts that try to toss off wide gamut as a bunch of marketing hogwash meant to sucker people into getting something useless that doesn't matter at all

and all the talk about how there is no reason to bother to try to move things more towards a wide gamut/color-managed standard

(I mean I've even seen posts where people try actively scare people away from wide gamut monitors, even really, really great displays, which makes no sense at all today considering that any even remotely decent wide gamut monitor these days has a pretty solid, at worst sRGB emulation mode for use with non-color managed software, and most actually can be set to simulate sRGB better than 95% of sRGB onitors since most sRGB monitors actually don't quite match sRGB and can't be made to exactly match sRGB).

We will eventually have wide gamut monitors readily available and then they will be the only available but we need to go through the tiny incremental changes to allow the suppliers and manufacturers to reap the greatest profits.

I assume these are to match all the affordable wide gamut printers which will be flooding the market soon?

What is the point in a wide gamut display when your final output is limited to sRGB?

1. Who says the final output always has to be print. It's kind of a fact that these days 99% images taken never get printed. And even by the more serious, in all honesty, do you really print almost all of your images? That would cost so much money beyond even a 4k wide gamut display in no time at all and it takes a long time. I print as much as I can, but it's only a fraction of the shots I've taken that I like. Granted, until recently, you were stuck at around 2-3MP displays so the detail was always rather unsatistfactory compared to a print, but now with the 8MP UHD displays coming out you can keep things on screen and still get a fairly decent look (granted the detail still doesn't match a nice print from a 24-36MP camera, but it's not bad at least). And face it, how many people ever see your prints? Far less than would be able to see wide gamut images posted online on wide gamut monitors. So why is printing cool and not a hermit thing, but posting in wide gamut online is a hermit thing??

2. Who says that if you print you are limited to sRGB? Lots of printers can print all sorts of colors that sRGB can't handle, some even have a few shades that even wide gamut monitors can't show. OTOH printers have weird gamuts so it is also true that they can't print a lot of colors in sRGB, much less that wide gamut monitors can show. But using a wide gamut monitor lets you at least see most of what they can handle that is beyond sRGB. See my new post at the bottom where I show the rose under different printer (and image format and screen) gamuts.

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