Some examples that show why a wide gamut monitor matters:

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Re: I want higher web resolution more than gamut

CAcreeks wrote:

bronxbombers4 wrote:

And this is exactly what this post was meant to counter, the nonsense about how extended gamuts are useless nonsense thought up by marketers to sucker people or something.

I enjoyed your post, don't get me wrong!

At this time I am primarily bothered by the lack of resolution for photos on websites and videos on YouTube. My cameras take at least 8 Mp photos, but I can never post them that way.

Secondarily I am bothered by highlight clipping especially in videos.

Extended gamut is way down the list.

Well having just moved to a 4k/UHD monitor I do have to say that is pretty impressive and 4k video is too as well as poor DR in videos. And I suppose I agree that such stuff might, overall, matter even more than wide gamut. But I sure do wish to see wide gamut posted around a lot more too. I can find some UHD images and/or original size here and there and it's cool to other's work at that resolution. As well as a few 4k videos that people have posted.

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