G1X II - Auto ISO is aggressive - Loves fast shutter speed & ISO 3200

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Re: G1X II - Auto ISO is aggressive - Loves fast shutter speed & ISO 3200

ulmer wrote:

I'll preface this with: I know there's a setting for how quickly Auto ISO ramps up. If anyone has any tips on Auto ISO, I'd appreciate it.

Most camera's I've worked with seem to strike a nice balance and (assuming IS is on) seem to aim for a shutter speed that accounts for IS. So slower shutter speed than needed for a handheld shot at the present focal length. This usually results in a sharp picture without going overboard on ISO.

The G1X II seems to aim for a faster shutter speed than necessary and auto ISO of 3200 very quickly. Outside in the shade at the tele end of the zoom, f5.6, it wants ISO 3200. I manually set 800 and got a perfectly fine picture at 1/50 of a sec.

Anyone understand the logic here? I tried setting the Auto ISO "Rate of change" setting to "Low" and that goes to the other extreme. It wanted to use a 1/15 sec exposure which is not going to work out well most of the time. I can't believe there's a "High" setting too.

In any of the creative modes -- like P or Av -- in the menu set your ISO auto setting to slow and whatever max ISO you would like to have the camera stop at.  That Slow setting will try to keep the camera at a low ISO for longer.  Fast ramps it up quickly, standard is somewhere in the middle.  Sounds like you want yours set to slow.

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