why does the E-M1's video get dissed?

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Re: why does the E-M1's video get dissed?

javayoda wrote:

Lee Beasley wrote:

I have no more understanding of video than I can sprout wings and fly, but even I can see a pretty dramatic difference between video I take with a camcorder and video I take with whatever DSLR/mirrorless camera I have at the moment. I'll grab my iPhone before I take video with my E-M1, but I love it for stills. And, the bottom line is, I mostly shoot stills. My choice is to have a still camera I'm crazy about and also a serviceable camcorder. Certainly not a prosumer model--just one that takes good movies of my grandchildren's events. I just never think of taking stills with my camcorder or movies with my E-M1.

I applaud people who have a solid grasp of video terminology and features. I'm just not among them.

I just shot a music program with my daughter at school. The Oly 75mm 1.8 on the E-M1 was the perfect choice. Bright with the ideal reach. I could have used the GX7 but the 75 unstabilized would have been unwatchable. I could have used an OIS lens on the GX7 but the resulting video would have been pretty noisy. If I had the time, energy and temperament to stake out a position with a tripod, I might have done something differently.

Lots of parents were using iPhones but I'd be willing to bet I got a much, much better result. The smartphones are okay in bright sunlight but beyond that, I can't even imagine trying to make a comparison.

I find monopods absolutely invaluable for shooting video. Can more than happily fit one between your legs sitting down, takes any strain off your arms (although holding a m43 camera up doesn't provide much anyway, but nice if you're recording for a long time), and will produce more stable footage than any IS I've seen.

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