Do you believe that some Canon lenses have the resolution ...

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Re: Do you believe that some Canon lenses have the resolution ...

In dxo otus delivers more sharpness on d7100 than on 6d, and about similar level with d600. Isnt this enough to say that it is able to resolve 3.9 micron puxel sized sensor? Well at least in center. That means if we have had 3.9 micron FF, we will have increase in resolution in 1.5 times. This in mind I think otus with FF of similar technology as d800e, but about 54mp sensor will deliver roughly sharpness of 40-45. Which is the same step as from d7000 to d7100.
From d7000 to d7100, the resolution increases linearly with mp(I know they dont have the same tech sensor, but d7000's sensor is a very good one), so the calculation works, with ff it should also work.
Correct me if I am missing something.

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