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Re: G1XmkII - No need for Macro mode...

Max@Home wrote:

Ranlee wrote:

First, my version focuses just as close whether in Macro mode or not.

True, MacroMode on the G1X Mk2 is a focus-delimiter, not a mode that gives 'extra lower AF distance'

In fact, it focuses even closer than specs. As close as 3cm (1.18") to the front (glass) of the lens instead of the 5cm (2") the manual states.

Macro distances are always measured from the sensor plane, not from the front element

This is at the 24mm equiv. FL.

At the long end mine focuses from 34.3cm (13.5") to infinity which is approximately 7.62cm (3") closer than the manual states. This is a good thing, and I'm happy about it!

see previous remark

Now for the second part: My testing shows that the only thing Macro mode does is limit focusing ability from 3cm to a maximum of approximately 3.5' (106.5cm) at 24mm equivalent. At the long end macro mode does nothing at all.

Correct, that is what the manual says about macro-mode, at 24mm it prevents the camera to AF Lock on anything further away than approx. 106.5com

So I guess my question is, why is it even there?

To help AF at the wide end

Am I missing something? Why would I even want to limit the maximum focus at 24mm equiv. focal length or any focal length for that matter.

Yes, why would you, why would anybody, why would such a focus-delimiter be 'standard' on every serious Macro lens, lensbuilders must be really stupid

I simply will ignore macro from now on unless I really am missing something.

in several cases/scenario's you will miss the ability to quickly AF up-close (so without the camera hunting from 106.5 cm to infinity and back) while in wide-angle/24mm setting. When that happens, remember that useless MacroMode


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Thanks Max.   65 years old and I still don't know everything - darn it!  Thanks also for all the smilies to  help temper my ignorance.  Seriously, I got a chuckle out of them but I still might ignore macro mode (most of the time).;-)

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