Sailing with almost no wind but enjoying the Leica T

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Re: Sailing with almost no wind but enjoying the Leica T

Daedalus2000 wrote:

gotompoes wrote:

I see your point and agree that we need to see all relevant output to judge the performance of a new camera. In this case i concluded that the Leica was not properly represented. If you comment on the quality of a picture you move in the danger zone of becoming personal. I do not know how to solve that. It is the second time in many years that i was specific with my comment. The OP should have used his pictures on a sailing forum and not on this forum. This is not the first time the OP had similar comment on his sailing pictures. Suggest we return to the essence of the thread by looking at the submitted pictures and draw our own conclusions.

Absolutely right.

Also, there is a bit of history of difficult conversations every time Dr Rohde posts, but his intentions are always genuine and he does want to help us see a bit more.

Since you seem to be interested in the Leica T let me show you a couple of images that maybe of interest, if you want to see the bokeh of the prime lens. I was not going to post them as they are not any good, that they may help you to assess the lens.

First image shows the bokeh from the prime 23mm at f2, second image shows the bokeh from a 50 sumicron at f2 using the adapter (both are OOC jpegs):

bokeh from the 23mm (35 equivalent) at f2

Bokeh from 50mm summicron (75mm equivalent) at f2.

Best, D

Good idea to move into different sailing grounds. I like the bokeh of the 50 mm summicron.
The 23 mm is less subtle but that is to be expected.

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