XT-1 Two shots, dusting myself off.

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Re: XT-1 Two shots, dusting myself off.

When you shoot a subject in front of a bright window be sure you meter off the subject Not the window.

The basics of photography have not changed. If you have a film background you will know about 18% grey and how that (grey card) was used for getting a proper exposure.

Digital cameras do this automatically. When the camera sees an over exposed scene it compensates by making it darker. So if you point the camera or the meter is influenced by the light source the rest is underexposed.

You can switch to the average metering pattern, point at the subject, and then do a focus/exposure lock and re-compose.

You can use fill flash as an option.

You can reposition the subject away from the window so the light source is to the side which is a way to naturally diffuse.

This shot is through a window when I used to shoot Micro Four Thirds. I was a guest at the wedding and the photographer was shooting outside to my camera left (obviously)

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