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Re: X-T1 Enhancements?

Thank you for asking and volunteering to send the list to the Fuji folks! I am really enjoying the Fuji (X-T1 and lenses) but do have a wish list:

Enable > 30 sec long exposure in the mobile app so we don't necessarily have to use a cable release for the Bulb mode. Or, maybe borrow/buy the E-M1 Live Bulb/Time technology?

Move the battery door somewhere else so we don't have to remove the tripod mount when changing batteries.

Show/Highlight multiple focus points. Having only one focus point is limiting (my previous m43 can show multiple focus points if you choose the "multi-focus" mode).

Improve the D-pad (I have an early production unit and it seems later ones are better now. Reminds me never to buy a new release in the first 3 months :-))

Get rid of the ISO lock. Do it the E-M1 way (having the option to leave it on).

Tighten the wheels a bit: I have accidentally changed the modes without knowing.

Improve the SD card door: it looks really flimsy and has slid out (without help from me) in the bag a couple times.

Touch screen: people that don't like it can turn it off, but it's mighty useful in certain situations. Having "modern" features doesn't cheapen the art of photography. Years ago people (the "pros") scoffed at the idea of a flippy screen, but now it's widely embraced, esp. in the consumer market. Just try taking shots of wildflowers and you can see how wonderful a flip screen is.)

Improve video: at the very least, provide continuous AF during recording. I don't care about any other fancy features, but having CAF in video will make the video at least usable.

Basically I would love to have some of the useful features in E-M1. Oh one can dream!

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