Sailing with almost no wind but enjoying the Leica T

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Re: Sailing with almost no wind but enjoying the Leica T

Daedalus2000 wrote:

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Dr. Ulrich Rohde wrote:

Very fine, show me good sailing pictures in hazy weather and wavy water at 100 yard distance with a T like camera , no stabilizer so we can learn how to do better

My recommendation is to post pictures which have a value to this forum. If i cannot take a quality pictures in the conditions you describe then i won't post anything.
Your reference to a stabilizer does not make sense. None of the stabilizers compensate for moving objects like sailing boats. The use of higher shutter speeds will solve the problem.

I really do not understand people like you gotompoes. Dr. Rohde has been kind enough to post some pictures from a camera that at this stage very few people will ever have seen in the flesh, let alone experience taking pictures with, and yet you jump down his throat and tell him not to bother unless the 'pictures have a value to the forum'. How arrogant is that?

What is the point to praise all pictures posted on this forum. I gave my honest opinion and this has nothing to do with being arrogant. Rhode has been posting a lost of pictures and that is fine but this does not mean that i need to like them. We are all interested in the performance of the T and these pictures do not help in the evaluation of the Leica T. This is my point and if you disagree, fine for me. For me these pictures are counter productive. The OP is talking about difficult conditions such as waves and lack of stabilization. Did you see any waves ? Does a stabilisation system work for moving objects such as sailing boat. No doubt the OP had a nice sailing time and enjoys camera hardware.

I hope you understand that what some of what you write does not make sense.

Let's see, someone is posting genuine images from a new camera, with no post-processing probably. That by itself is information which has value, you cannot deny that. Then you say you do not like them, fair enough. And then you say,

"All jokes aside i wouldn't post this type of pictures to demonstrate the capabilities of a camera."

So you imply that because you do not like them they should not be published. How does that follow? Do you want to see only the images that promote a camera? Are you not interested in seeing all output? Do you realise that you are really asking only for images that will make the T look good? That is quite biased I think..

And then you make it a bit personal...

Live and let live.

I see your point and agree that we need to see all relevant output to judge the performance of a new camera. In this case i concluded that the Leica was not properly represented. If you comment on the quality of a picture you move in the danger zone of becoming personal. I do not know how to solve that. It is the second time in many years that i was specific with my comment. The OP should have used his pictures on a sailing forum and not on this forum. This is not the first time the OP had similar comments on his sailing pictures. Suggest we return to the essence of the thread by looking at the submitted pictures and draw our own conclusions.

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