Does a fixed focal length simplify or complicate the picture taking?

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Re: Does a fixed focal length simplify or complicate the picture taking?

I am finding a fixed focal length simplifies the process for me, recently purchased an X-T1 with the 35mm lens and it has set me free, once you have accepted that you have one focal length to work with you work around any limitations that it may present, and sometimes it allows you to get different shots.

Zoom lenses are I think a little misunderstood, it is my understanding that a zoom lens replaces several primes abliet with usually slower speed, the convenience of a zoom allows the photographer to select the focal length they need for any given shot without having to change lenses, the reality is that a lot of zooms are used in situations where people don't think about perspective and choosing the correct focal length for their subject, a zoom then becomes convenient to "fit it all in"...

sometimes it is better to walk forward and choose a more "normal" focal length than to simply zoom and end up with a shot which features the type of perspective compression that a longer focal length provides.

I'm lucky to own some lovely Nikon zooms, but think I will be all primes on the Fuji

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