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Great Bustard wrote:

Of course, the DPR studio scene shows the differences in resolution under idea conditions. In peoples' everyday shooting, one might expect to see much smaller differences.

I'd say in real world environment, the difference is bigger than DPR well-lit lab environment especially in low light between FF and crop cameras. In true low light, FF shows more advantages than DPR simulated low light.

...we have to weight the considerations of DOF and noise for low light photography for any given shutter speed. If noise matters more than DOF, then, for sure, larger formats will hold the advantage. However, at the same DOF and shutter speed, the noise will be the same for equally efficient sensors.

It depends on subject and background. If subject and background relatively all far away, then DOF is largely not a factor even you take at large aperture on FF cameras.

In my opinion, when it comes to noise and DOF, most opt for less noise over greater DOF, even given that greater DOF is more desirable than less DOF, which, of course, is why many prefer larger formats for lower light photography.

That's my choice as well. Blur in out of focus plate is not the same as softness and many times make your subject more popup that is more attractive than all appear in focus but flat & dull look and nosier/grainer photo from smaller sensor. The reasons you use big aperture (low F number) are in low light where much darker edges that outside focus plate usually are not important or purposely in portrait where your subject is more popping up while the background nicely in blur rendering that something a smaller sensor is harder to achieve.

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