Do you believe that some Canon lenses have the resolution ...

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Re: Do you believe that some Canon lenses have the resolution ...

Rick Knepper wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

Silverback1988 wrote:

that could maximize 50 MP in FF,

The answer is NO. Digital sensor can get more and more pixels but hit bottle neck of physical glass. No lenses today can even maximize 36mp sensors in D800/E and A7R. The two best primes, Zeiss Otus 55/1.4 and Sony FE 55/1.8 only have 29 mpix respectively out of 36mp sensor. The new Sigma 50/1.4 Art should have similar mpix. The other lenses have much less mpix on D800/E and A7R.

A couple of random thoughts on the above that should not be viewed as criticisms. I respect your knowledge on these matters.

1.) I've heard the exact opposite many times on this forum. True or not. I dunno. Maybe I am not picking up on a nuance of your argument.

2.) Are the MPix results noted above due to the lenses or the sensors?

Basically due to imperfect lenses as DXO said on a given sensor format. Sensor size is still #1 factor. You will need a much better lens on a smaller sensor to overcome a large sensor. Physical glass is still the largest bottleneck. To dramatically improves IQ you'd have to increase sensor size unless you have a dramatically better sensor on QE and better lens that both are unlikely.

3.) So, the MPix results noted above may not indicate 100% efficiency but should that negate the jaw-dropping value of the images?

Not fully understand this question. As I said sensor size is still the #1 factor follow by lens quality.

4.) Will there ever be a perfect 36 MPix for the D800 or whatever camera? Not sure how the tests are calibrated.

If you talk 36mp D800/E, then with today's best lenses, it's still 29 mpix. I doubt future lenses as slong as still made from the material as we know as glass will reach to lossless 36mpix on D800E. Higher MP, higher diminishing return.

I believe these factors impact IQ in such sequence,

Sensor format (size), lens optical quality and amount of pixels provided others are the same.

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