NX300 Battery Drain when off?

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Re: NX300 Battery Drain when off?

Old wisdom with old tech batteries was to take them out when the camera wasn't in use to a) preserve the charge and b) stop them leaking their guts into the 'works'. I had a Contax G very badly damaged by leaking batteries which needed an expensive visit to camera hospital.

All batteries will lose some of their charge over time (up to 10% week) and lithium's are no exception. Lithium's life is also shortened by continuously charging and then storing at full capacity without running it down.

I have a Nikon D610 which doesn't seem to use any power at all when off compare to a Samsung NX11 which will flat it's battery in a week. Compare this to a GoPro 3 which seems to have a firmware 'bug' and will drain it's battery in under a day even when off.

Doing a quick google search shows queries on flat batteries across all brands. It is possible given the complexity of a modern camera that the battery is used in some form of 'keep alive' perhaps powering RAM or clock settings etc even when the camera is turned off?

The solutions to all these is to take the battery out when the camera is stored.

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