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Sergey_Green wrote:

hendrikm2 wrote:

The most probable culprit is your monitor or your monitor profile.

So that means you do not see that rough gradient I am looking at? Only those who have deficient monitors are able to see it?

Yes, I see it in the jpg you posted here.  But that is not a good test since the photo has already been processed by CNX2 in order to save the jpg.

Since I can see it in the jpg there is some issue with the way it is being processed in CNX2.  It could be improper profile conversion but that is a guess.  I suspect those green colors are out of gamut for the profile and that is causing posterization.  But that too is a guess.  Your monitor and associated monitor profile may still be an issue for your own viewing of the image but it shouldn't affect the jpeg you post.

Best thing would be for you to post a RAW file so others can take a look.

Hardware won´t affect the data of your image, but the data which is shown to you. So you are save, just opening and saving a file won´t change anything*

* Before the nitpickers chime in:Yes, I´m aware that a jpg would be changed and mybe even a nef file, but this is unrelated to the hardware of a computer, which is the posters fear

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- sergey

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