K3 or K5 IIs as second body having already a K5IIs?

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Re: K3 or K5 IIs as second body having already a K5IIs?

joaquim hierro1 wrote:

After being stolen half of my gear, with a K5 included I only kept one body K5IIs and I need to buy a second body. I'm hesitating between buying a second K5IIs or the new K3.

I would appreciate some thoughts about this choice.

Thanks and regards


in case it matters to you the button and menu layouts are different between the K3 and the IIs.

If you read the review here and over at http://www.imaging-resource.com/MFR1.HTM?view=Pentax_reviews you'll find some good comparisons to augment the hands-on observations you get here.

There are lots of reasons to go either way in your idea.  I decided on a IIs over a K3 for now and maybe a K3 at the end of the year when the price might drop a bit, or with my luck the price will increase.    But I do have a need of a larger pixel count for needing to do some 30x20 printing.  The 24MP sensor will need less upsizing.  Still I know the IIs will be likely accept the enlargement better than the K5/K5II because of the lack of the AA filter.  So I decided to go with the IIs unless I find an extra $400 in the mail.  Worst case is I end up swapping it for a IIs.

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