Autofocus speed comparison of mirrorless?

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Certainly very impressive! I would love to get my hands on the Sony A6000 sometime to give the new AF system a test drive too.

Its supposed to be fast, but there are a lot of complaints that it isn't accurate, or that it is inconsistent in that regard. In other words, it can move the focal point to and fro very fast, but when it locks it's not actually accurate. Im sure it's not as bad as some think but i find it hard to believe it's all BS (some sony fans refuse to believe it at all). It doesn't seem to be a camera with higher keeper rates, regardless how fast those little squares blink.

I would suggest either the EM1 or possibly the GH4, depending on how well it is reviewed to be. If i were buying right now, i would instead wait to see how the GH4 does.

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The E-M1 and A6000 use the same technology and both work well in bright light. Most people won't need anything better. I still think Nikon has the lead though. Where things fall apart are when the light is reduced. I have read Sony turns off PDAF focusing in lower light and many complain of focus inconsistencies. I would think the E-M1 also turns off PDAF, but Olympus's CDAF is still good and pretty fast.

The unknown in this race is Panasonic and DFD focusing. So far I have found in bright light is can match or maybe surpass the E-M1 (and A6000). The jury is still out for that though and we need more tests. Where is easily surpasses these cameras (especially the A6000) is in low light. Even in very dark situations (darker than you may ever need), the GH4 focuses almost instantaneously and accurately.

DFD does look promising....the future looks great from all manufacturers.

I expect the A6000 would do well in low light, maybe not as well as some other cameras but better than most people would want (or think).

I think it may well be better at autofocusing in low light than the A7,but I am very happy with its low light wont focus track at ISO 6400 and 1/6 but I don't know when I would ever need that...

The failings here are mine, not the cameras as all are hand held as taken jpegs with the A7 and kit lens.....just testing the AF. I am surprised continually by the OSS though, seems a lot better than I thought.

The first one used the AF assist lamp (no light other than an AA lamp pointing up some distance away). The others no lamp.....a bit slower to focus than some other cameras but still pretty quick (would have been quicker to manual focus though anyway).

Then again, some of these are ISO 6400 at 1.6 sec and 2 seconds.

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