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Brian Hursey wrote:

You have to connect the YN622C to the V5 with the pc-> 3.5mm cord to get the pre signal to work to allow for HSS to work. Through the center pin on the hot shoe it is not a pre signal. And yes you put the YN622C on top of the camera, then the v5 on top of it connected with the sync cable. I then had my RF60 off camera set in HSS mode in slave I turned the optical slave off that is auto enabled with HSS mode. I had my camera set to manual, I believe if you do TTL you may have to adjust the timing, however this can be done easily on the delay option on the RF60. It was syncing at 1/8000 fine. I tried the same with my canon 580EXII and basically got very very close to the same exposure. Think about it I have 5 of these things. And I have a bracket that can hold 4 and I can add an additional 2 flash plate. Can you say some outside overpower the sun awesomeness in a 28 inch softbox?

So say we do 5 RF60s's that is 139 each soo 695 total. You add a v5 which is 39$ and then a YN622C which is what 45? = 749 without tax.

Now we try the same thing with say a YN568EX So 189x5=945 + 6x YN622C's =534= 1579

Now with Canon 580EXII's 440x 5 = 2000 x 6YN622C's = 534 = 2534

Of course with the last 2 you get TTL.

I like your work-around, especially the math!  I look forward to trying it.  Is this scheme the same one the other testers came up with?  Is the flash power still variable when in hss mode?

It still seems to me that Cactus could incorporate a manually selectable mode that synthesizes the same signal the you sent to the RF60 with your work-around. And it would be non-brand specific or brand-agnostic as you call it which follows Cactus philosophy.

Do you see a use for a V6 parameter that would trigger each group in sequence with a user selectable delay period?  Utilizing just such a function would allow full-power hss accomplishing what you did with half the number of flashes.  What say Cactus?  Perhaps I am missing something?

The cascaded could be accomplished but the thing is you still need the pre sync from a on camera hss flash triggering say a v6 . If not the curtain is to far already. So that pre sync trigger signal needs to be a established first. That can be via a hss ttl trigger. Or a hss flash on camera triggering a v6 or rf60 optically. I was able to get hyper sync that way but with one flash you have a peak then trail soo you could with a delay add to that to make it even. However just putting the rf60 in hss made the frame even. It actually basically matched my canon 580exII at 1/800 in output. Currently I only can get the YN622c to trigger a v5. V6 isent working. So yn622c -> v5 works , yn622c -> v6 currently doesn't work. Working with cactus to see if we can find out why. But in the yn622c -> v5 setup you can hand hold a v6 and control the power. Sorta like you do with the Godox system. I hope to get the v6 working with the yn622C via firmware upgrade later if it's possible. More testing to be done. The v5 combo seems solid. I'm going to try and trigger all of my hss flashes together today. That's 8 flashes total! :O. It's gonna be very top heavy. :/. I although only can fit 7 on one bracket.

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