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Re: Well, if the lens is the problem that can be solved,

Silverback1988 wrote:

then MF is the only way to achieve 50MP+ resolution.

50mp is 50mp regardless from what crop format. The only issue is that how much resolution your eyes can resolve. If we use DXO perceptual sharpness/resolution, then at current sensor and lens technology, the rumored 54mp Sony FF sensor will not reach 50 mpix, but much below. DXO has not tested 80mp sensors in PhaseOne and Mamiya that have larger sensor than the one in Pentax 645Z BTW. But if they tested with the best prime from respective companies, I'd guess will be above 40 mpix and very close to 50 mpix. Let's wait and see DXO test on 645Z with Pentax best prime MF lens that certainly will be higher than even future 54mp FF sensor on Otus 55 or FE 55.

Does the 35mm FF hit the resolution wall in 36 MP ? I hope not.

Let's see on rumored 54mp FF sensor from Sony and not sure if its curve sensor will help in resolution (mainly help at edge/corner sharpness from what I read). But 36 mpix is a barrier a FF sensor with current technology could pass even with a 54mp sensor.

sometime I do stitching. I was quite sure that when I stitch 2 or 3 photos from 7D,
the result was significantly better than what my 5DII can do in 1 shot photo.

True, but you also can do stitching with 5D2 that has even higher resolution. Here are two samples hand-held stitching from 5D2. They are only 1/6 of original size due to DPR post limit.

Venice, Italy with 70-200L/4.0 IS pano

Florence, Italy with 24-105L pano

Was that a sign that FF lens is still capable to deliver about 40 MP or even 50 MP in FF sensor ?

If you mean MPIX that human eyes can actually resolve not on paper MP, then it's very difficult if possible with current sensor technology and largely bottleneck of imperfect lenses.

Okay, Stitching with APSC is not 100% identical with using single shot FF.
I was using the center area of the lens, which has the more resolution.
Even though we could equalize the light gathering, still it's different when using the part of the lens.
I wonder if in FF lens, it's difficult to have uniform resolution corner to corner,

Let's see Sony new curve sensor development. But lenses need to be redesigned to work with curve sensor I believe.

how difficult that it could be if the lens designer have to make a larger one for MF ?

My understanding is that it's relative easier to design lenses natively on bigger sensor than on smaller sensor to achieve the same sharpness/resolution. It's an upperhill battle for a smaller sensor to overcome crop penalty if possible.

Would corner resolution would be more problem with larger format ?

No if you compare at the same output size at equivalent DOF. If we compare FF resolution with crop, usually you find you just need to stop down one stop (not even need to stop down to eq DOF stop), FF set is sharper than crop from edge to edge.


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