Do you believe that some Canon lenses have the resolution ...

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Re: Do you believe that some Canon lenses have the resolution ...

qianp2k wrote:

Silverback1988 wrote:

that could maximize 50 MP in FF,

The answer is NO. Digital sensor can get more and more pixels but hit bottle neck of physical glass. No lenses today can even maximize 36mp sensors in D800/E and A7R. The two best primes, Zeiss Otus 55/1.4 and Sony FE 55/1.8 only have 29 mpix respectively out of 36mp sensor. The new Sigma 50/1.4 Art should have similar mpix. The other lenses have much less mpix on D800/E and A7R.

A couple of random thoughts on the above that should not be viewed as criticisms. I respect your knowledge on these matters.

1.) I've heard the exact opposite many times on this forum. True or not. I dunno. Maybe I am not picking up on a nuance of your argument.

2.) Are the MPix results noted above due to the lenses or the sensors?

3.) So, the MPix results noted above may not indicate 100% efficiency but should that negate the jaw-dropping value of the images?

4.) Will there ever be a perfect 36 MPix for the D800 or whatever camera? Not sure how the tests are calibrated.

so it will have the same resolution as the 50 MP MF with its lens ?

No. 50mp MF sensor resolves more than 50mp FF sensor with comparable lenses. The same true 50mp FF sensor resolves more than 50mp APS-C sensor with comparable lenses.

Or is it just too difficult (impossible) to make a such lens that sharp ?

Absolutely. Unfortunately the bottleneck is still glass, the very old martial unless there is a revolution breakthrough with a brand new alternative material. We see sensors getting better and better but not much in lenses. It's impossible to make such APS-C lens to have the same resolution power as Otus 55/1.8 and FE 55/1.8 on APS-C. FF lenses are designed and optimized for FF sensors and perform much less on crop sensors. For best performance, you'd have to design and optimize lenses natively on respective sensor crop but it's an upperhill battle to compete to FF lenses. For example Sigma tried hard to have 18-35/1.8 APS-C zoom that roughly is eq to FF 28-56mm F2.8 zoom, close to but still inferior to Canon 24-70L/2.8 II in IQ, and shorter in both ends but even larger/heavier.

So the only way at the moment is just to make the sensor larger, thus less stretch for the lens ?

Unless there is a big breakthrough in sensor QE, to resolve more, you'd have to increase sensor size and design native lenses that are also bigger and heavier.

I could understand if smaller format (such APSC or mFT) will have another problem, DOF control problem, even if someone could make a lens sooo sharp for them.

Smaller sensor, less control in DOF and lenses are much difficult to be designed or even impossible to have the same sharpness of FF counterpart. No such lenses that can eq to FF 35/1.4 or 50/55/1.4 prime, they would be enormous, larger/heavier but likely still inferior to FF counterpart on FF sensors.

But there is no DOF control problem in 35mm FF, is there ?

Relatively. MF then can achieve even shallower DOF than FF. But there is a limit that our eyes are comfortable and can see. 35mm FF is shallow enough with respective lenses. If you think 50/1.4 is not shallow enough, then there is 50L/1.2 and old Canon 50/1.0 lens, or even a third party 50/0.95 lens.

Maybe just resolution problem in wider aperture ? in f/2 perhaps ? But not resolution in f/2.8 ?

To get better sharpness or resolution, you'd have to stop down a bit if this is your question. Will see if the new Sony curve sensor could help in this matter.

Some one who know these, please chime in ...




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